Automatic Washer-Disinfector

Number: egk.04.001

The Automatic Washer-Disinfector provides a standardized and automatic washing disinfection for reusable medical instruments. It helps prevent cross-infection and protects both patients and health care workers. The Automatic Washer-disinfector’s quality control leads to results of a consistently high standard.


  • Corresponds with PrENISO 15883 standards.
  • Good performance and low consumption.
  • Single or double door design available. The double door channel structure design creates an isolation barrier between the contaminated and clean areas.
  • Automatic (from above or below) and manual opening styles.
  • Program can be set to run automatically according to operator’s specific requirements.
  • Test results prove washing programs’ excellent performance.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Safe for both the operators and patients.