Automatic Tunnel Washer

Number: egk.04.004

The Automatic Tunnel Washer is a highly efficient washing machine. It can be used both in CSSDs and operating rooms for washing, disinfecting and drying of reusable surgical instruments, vessels, trays, bowls, pipettes, test tubes, etc. The 4-chamber, 3-chamber and 2-chamber variations can be customized according to different functions and customer requirements.


  • An ultrasonic washing chamber can be added to the multi-chamber body. Advantages of ultrasonic washing include: high efficiency, effective results, multiple application possibilities, low cost, and a more environmentally friendly process (due to the lower density of the washing solution).
  • The control system uses a Siemens touch screen and Siemens PLC, making operations safe, simple and reliable.
  • The multi-chamber system can be combined with the EASY-480 single-chamber system through transmission components.