Rapid Ultrasonic Spray Washer Disinfector

Number: egk.04.003

Shinva AUS series Ultrasonic Spray Washer Disinfector is a new type of automatic washer disinfector developed by technological cooperation between Switzerland KKS Supersonic Washer Company and Shinva Company. It uses super ultrasonic generators and transducers imported from Switzerland as well as automatic PLC control. It is most widely used to wash nosocomial surgical appliances, utensils and vessels (e.g. anesthesia apparatus and complex, precise appliances). Sterilization can be conducted at temperatures as high as 93°C. The washing and sterilizing results meet international standards. Equipment is well-made with a new and unique structure and reliable performance. It is internationally advanced and convenient to use.


  • Imported components: Uses multi-frequency ultrasonic transducer and power supply from Switzerland. The multi-frequency (40 KHz/100KHz) technology makes it possible for a single transducer to transition from washing away large particles of dirt (vibrations of 40 KHz) to wiping off smaller dirt particles in the seams (vibrations of 100KHz). The transducer allows for powerful washing, high energy conversion, quality results, stable performance, and a long service life.
  • Frequency tracking: The automatic frequency tracking technology provides both accurate frequency control and frequency stability.
  • Frequency scanning: The transducer works at the range of (40±0.32) KHz or (100±0.64) KHz, automatically modulating the frequency in order to reduce wear and tear on the objects being washed.
  • Power complement: Takes advantage of the full strength of ultrasonic washing.
  • Automatic checking: An alarm will alert the operator of any damage to the transducer.
  • Technical measuring tools: The frequency and power of the ultrasonic waves can be accurately measured to ensure each piece of the machine is working at its set frequency and power.